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Since 1994, Irvine Wood Recovery has been the mulch supplier of choice for many of Cincinnati’s top landscape companies. We maintain the highest quality standards for all our mulch products, using only top-grade materials and controlling the on-site manufacturing process from start to finish.

Competitive Prices

Our on-site, quality-assured processes make it possible to offer superior wood mulch products at low prices while maintaining high-quality standards.

On-Site Delivery

We can deliver up to 65 yards at a time to your home or business. From pickup trucks to semis, we can move large quantities of mulch to save you time and money.

Unmatched Quality

Irvine Wood Recovery offers a variety of superior wood mulch products that are clean, aged and nutrient-rich.


Our mulch is made of 100% recycled wood materials. Through a specialized regrinding and blending process, we grind clean, select wood products for high-quality mulch for the Cincinnati area.

Colored Mulch Options

Color-enhanced mulch can add the finishing touch to your creative landscaping. Since 1994, we have developed a superior product that’s proven to be safe, fade resistant formula that maintains a rich, plush color longer. Dyes and colorants are made from environmentally friendly, earthen minerals.

Our color options include:


Recycled Black

(made from pallet wood, clean light-weight material,
free of seeds that can potentially turn to weeds)

Natural Black & Natural Brown

(Made from tree debris, natural clean-looking material that
has been aged to provide nutrient-rich dark material)   

Contact Irvine Wood Recovery

If you’re interested in getting started on your landscape project, contact us today to learn more about our mulch products. We’d love to help you take your landscaping up a notch!