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Mulch and Mulch Delivery in Cincinnati

Since 1994, Irvine Wood Recovery has been the bulk mulch supplier of choice for many of Cincinnati’s top landscape companies. We maintain the highest quality standards for all our products, using only top-grade materials and controlling the on-site manufacturing process from start to finish. Best of all, we can deliver our superior wood mulch right to you.

Mulch Delivery

When you’re working on a landscaping project, the last thing you want to do is stop in the middle (yet again!) and buy more mulch. Bulk mulch delivery is the way to go, and we’ve got it! We provide on-site mulch delivery right to you. We can deliver up to 65 yards at a time to your home or business right here in the Cincinnati area. From pickup trucks to semis, we can move large quantities of mulch to save you time and money.

Mulch Delivery Calculator

Not sure how much mulch you need delivered? Here’s a convenient calculator to help you estimate the amount you’ll need more accurately. Choose rectangular or circular fill area, then type in the length and width (or diameter) and your desired fill depth.

Fill Area

Fill Depth

For BOTH Rectangular And Circular Areas


Total Area square feet
Estimated Required Quantity cubic yards

Our Colored Mulch: Safe and Fade-resistant

Color-enhanced mulch can add the finishing touch to your creative landscaping. Since 1994, we have developed a superior product that’s proven to be safe, fade resistant formula that maintains a rich, plush color longer. Dyes and colorants are made from environmentally friendly, earthen minerals. To learn more about colored mulch (and see how different colors may look against your home color).


Mulch Colors

Recycled Black

(made from pallet wood, clean light-weight material,
free of seeds that can potentially turn to weeds)

Natural Black & Natural Brown

(Made from tree debris, natural clean-looking material that
has been aged to provide nutrient-rich dark material)   

What color mulch looks best with my house color?

You can select a color based on the color or style of your house or building, or go with personal preference. Here are a few suggestions to get you started. Also be aware of the types of plants you will be using the mulch around. Black mulch can soak in more heat and may harm heat-sensitive plants.

Red or red brick: Black or brown

Gray: Black

Blue: Brown

White: Black

Tan: Black

When spring rolls around, thoughts quickly turn to landscape projects. The first product on everyone’s list? Mulch. Mulch has many benefits including keeping soil moist, improving soil health, and keeping weeds under control. If you have questions about mulch, we’ve got answers.

How is mulch made?

Mulch typically falls into two categories: organic and synthetic. Organic mulches include everything from wood chips to pine straw to manure—they’re “made” by nature! Synthetic mulches are made from rubber or plastics manufactured in a factory.

At Irvine, our mulch is made from 100% recycled wood materials. Even our colored mulch uses environmentally-friendly materials instead of synthetic dyes.

Are mulch and compost the same?

Compost is organic matter added to soil to improve its quality. While mulch can also improve soil, its main function is to cover the surface of the soil.

What does it mean when mulch turns white?

Mulch turns white when it’s infected with a fungi called slime mold which isn’t harmful, just unsightly. Slime mold thrives on moisture and temperature changes. Raking it can help expose it to air which may dry it out. You should also water plants in the morning in the summer before the sun has a chance to heat up the wet mulch.

Will mulch help with mud?

Yes! Adding mulch to muddy spots will help absorb water. It also means the wood and other organic matter can really get down deep and add nutrients to the soil. It’s a cost-effective method and requires minimal to no prep. A giant patch of mulch isn’t the ideal solution if your annoying mud pit is right in the middle of your yard, of course. But it’s great for perimeters or muddy spots you may want to turn into a garden in the future.

Are mulch rings good for trees?

Yes, if they’re done correctly using wood mulch. Adding a ring of wood mulch around a tree trunk add a protective layer between the grass and the trunk, which keeps it safe from lawnmower nicks. Additionally, research shows that when applied correctly, a mulch ring can almost double a tree’s growth rate.

Your mulch layer around your tree should be between 2 and 4 inches thick and continue out between 3 and 6 feet around the base of the tree. Do not pile a bunch of mulch around the trunk. Instead, begin mulching about 3 to 6 inches away from it.

Does mulch attract termites?

It can, but not in the way you’re thinking. The wood itself isn’t appealing to termites, but the environment it can create is. The deeper a layer of mulch is, the more warmth and moisture it creates. That combination can be irresistible to termites and other critters. It’s best to keep layers of mulch spread near your house to three inches or less.

Why choose Irvine Wood Recovery?

Sure, you can head to the big box chain store for your mulch. But are you getting a quality product? (And do you really want to lug those heavy bags between the store and your landscaping project?) At Irvine Wood Recovery, we’re a locally-owned business that prides itself on:

Competitive Prices

Our on-site, quality-assured processes make it possible to offer superior wood mulch products at low prices while maintaining high-quality standards.

Unmatched Quality

Irvine Wood Recovery offers a variety of superior wood mulch products that are clean, aged and nutrient-rich.


Our mulch is made of 100% recycled wood materials. Through a specialized regrinding and blending process, we grind clean, select wood products for high-quality mulch for the Cincinnati area.

Get Quality Mulch Delivered Right to You

If you’re interested in getting started on your landscape project, contact us today to learn more about our bulk mulch delivery and products. We’d love to help you take your landscaping up a notch!