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Decorative Landscaping Rocks

Any landscaping professional knows rocks are far from boring—they’re versatile design elements that can add natural beauty and functionality to any outdoor space. That’s why we offer a vast selection of decorative landscaping rocks in various colors, sizes, and textures. Our landscaping stones are sourced from the finest quarries to ensure top-quality and durability.

Whether you’re looking for rocks to create a retaining wall, define a pathway, or add a natural element to your clients’ outdoor spaces, we have the perfect selection to meet your needs.

At Irvine Wood Recovery, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and prompt delivery. Count on us as the go-to bulk supplier for all your decorative stone needs throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. Explore our inventory today and discover how we can help you transform your next landscaping project into a stunning masterpiece.

Decorative Landscaping Rocks

Alabama Sunset

$190.00 per ton

1 1/4 x 1/2 multi-colored pebbles. Covers 115 sq. ft./ton

Autumn Blend

Autumn Blend

$110.00 per ton

3/4″, Blend to browns, grays, blues and reds. Covers 120 sq. ft./ton


$95.00 per ton

1″ to 3/16” Buff to tan. Covers 130 sq. ft./ton

Dixie Blend

Dixie Blend

$145.00 per ton

3/4″ to 1 1/2″ Tan to beige mixed. Covers 125 sq. ft./ton

Ivory Nuggets

Ivory Nuggets

$100.00 per ton

3/4″ x 1 1/2″ Mixed shades of white, yellow and Gold. 115 sq. ft./ton

Maylen Black

$165.00 per ton

3/8” x  5/8”. Sparkling black. Covers 120 sq. ft./ton


$125.00 per ton

3/8″ x 1 1/4″ Deep red, browns and gray. Covers 130 sq. ft./ton

Mojave Blend

$175.00 per ton

¾” x 1 ¼”. Deep red, browns, and grays. Covers 138 sq. ft./ton


$250.00 per ton

1 ¾” x 7/8” White blended with pinks and yellow. Covers 117 sq. ft./ton

River Rock

River Rock

$40.00 per ton

Oversized River Rock

$40.00 per ton

Slate Chips

Slate Chips

$180.00 per ton

1 1/4″ x 3/4″ Grey. Covers 135 sq. ft./ton

Salt and Pepper

$185.00 per ton

Trap Rock

$165.00 per ton

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re a new homeowner looking to spruce up your yard, or a seasoned professional in the landscaping industry, we understand that you may have questions about the benefits and uses of decorative stones. Our team of experts has put together this section to help answer some of the most common questions we receive about decorative landscaping rocks. With years of experience and knowledge in the industry, we’re here to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about incorporating decorative stones into your landscaping projects.

Make sure to completely pull up any weeds that may be present, including the roots, and dig up any grass in the desired area to ensure that the stone is being laid level with the surrounding surfaces.

A layer of landscaping fabric or plastic serves many purposes. First, it helps prevent the movement of the stones that are being laid on top of it. More importantly, it hinders the growth of weeds in the soil beneath so they don’t suddenly appear in between the rocks.

As mentioned above, using a layer landscaping fabric underneath the decorative rocks can prevent them from moving or sinking into the ground. Edging strips can also be utilized for the same purpose.

The general recommendation is typically anywhere from 3-4 inches deep, depending on the size of the stones. Smaller stones can be laid in a slightly thinner layer around 3 inches, while larger ones should be laid at least 4 inches deep.

While decorative stones are typically low maintenance, you may want to clean the beds around them. This helps maintain the neat-looking appearance you are striving for. Much of the upkeep you will need to do for your landscape rocks is easy. Simply pull weeds and blow leaves and other debris out of the landscaping beds as they appear. Want a really deep clean for the stones? The process is a little bit more hands-on. It can include sifting the stones, power washing them, and then placing them back in position.

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