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Mulch & Landscape Products

At Irvine Wood Recovery, we offer a wide variety of superior mulch and landscape products for your professional or residential project. Browse our full selection below.

Our Products


Using top-grade recycled wood product, our mulch is the first choice of many of Cincinnati’s best landscapers. We offer two natural colors and can deliver up to 65 yards of mulch at a time to your home or business.

Playground Turf

Improve the safety surface of your playground or walkway with Playground Turf, a superior quality, engineered wood mulch fiber material that provides better fall protection than gravel or sand.

Decorative Stone

Decorative stone can be used for a variety of landscape needs. Irvine Wood Recovery offers a variety of colors, sizes, and textures to cater to both residential and commercial landscape projects.

Construction Aggregate

No matter your construction project, Irvine Wood Recovery can provide the construction aggregate your business needs. We offer medium-to-fine grain aggregate such as sand, crushed run, washed stone, and more.


Our recycled firewood comes from land clearing projects that results in a variety of log sizes perfect for a small firepit or a large bonfire. None of the wood that comes through our gates is thrown away!

Numus Compost

Our high-grade, stabilized, micro-nutrient loaded, certified organic compost is perfect for a variety of floral, vegetable, and landscaping organic humus applications. Available in bulk or bag.


Lightweight and easy to spread, it is typically used as an ideal covering for flower beds or as ground cover.


Rock fragments greater than 256 mm (10.1 in) in diameter.

Need Pallet or Packaging Services?

Contact Irvine Wood Recovery to learn more about how we can help you with all your pallet and packaging needs.