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Your Local Source for Custom Packaging Solutions

At Irvine Wood Recovery, pallets and other wood products aren’t all we do. Our comprehensive packaging solutions include custom-fit corrugated boxes or ITW Reddi-Pac product protection material. We provide a complete, one-stop shipping materials solution.

Our Custom Packaging Solutions and Shipping Materials

Custom Corrugated Boxes

Our custom-fit corrugated boxes are manufactured off site, then put together by Irvine Wood Recovery personnel. We affix them to our pallet product, then deliver the pre-assembled boxes/pallets to our customers, ready for them to pack and ship.

ITW Reddi-Pac Protection

For specialty product applications, Irvine Wood Recovery is an ITW Reddi-Pac distributor. We custom-manufacture packaging for the automotive and other industries by attaching our heat-treated lumber to ITW Reddi-Pac’s trademarked U-Board™ product. This non-abrasive laminated paperboard is composed of 100 percent recycled and recyclable materials, providing a durable, low-cost solution to product protection.

Packaging Delivery

Irvine Wood Recovery has invested in a growing fleet of tractors and trailers to deliver customers’ orders on time, as promised, playing a vital role in the efficiency of their shipping operations. We proudly serve companies located in the surrounding 100-mile Tristate area.

When Irvine Wood Recovery is on site delivering product, we can pick up customers’ expended shipping materials for responsible recycling including:

  • Unusable scrap pallets
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Plastic stretch wrap and sheeting

Looking for custom packaging solutions near you?

We’ve got both! Contact Irvine Wood Recovery to learn more about how we can help you with all your packaging and shipping needs.