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Boiler and Biomass Fuel

Irvine Wood Recovery offers boiler and biomass fuel to businesses in the Cincinnati area. Learn more about the services we offer below, then contact us to get a custom quote.

Biomass Fuel

Biomass power is carbon-neutral electricity generated from renewable organic waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill, burned, or left as fuel for forest fires. According to the Biomass Power Association, “The biomass power industry reduces carbon emissions by more than 30 million tons each year and provides 14,000 jobs nationwide, mostly in rural areas.”

Recovered wood chips often are used as boiler fuel in industrial applications for power generators. This power process typically is very efficient and produces less by-product than traditional power harvesting.

Biomass Fuel

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Utilizing our extensive network in Greater Cincinnati, Irvine Wood Recovery can fill large-scale biomass and boiler fuel orders in Cincinnati. Contact us for more information and a custom quote.