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Pallet Manufacturing

Irvine Wood Recovery can manufacture custom pallets for your Cincinnati business. No matter the specifications, we can design and build sturdy pallets using high-quality recycled wood components or new lumber.

Pallet Manufacturing Process

At Irvine, we make the pallet manufacturing process as simple as possible for our customers. Using the three-step program below, we can custom-design, manufacture, and ship recycled wood pallets to your business at a cost-effective price.


Step One: Designing

The first thing we do when we meet with a new client is to learn the specifications of their products and business. What products do they ship? Do they ship internationally? How often do they need new pallets? From there, we can formulate a plan to custom manufacture the pallets they need.

We are meticulous when it comes to custom pallet manufacturing. If our customers don’t already have the exact measurements we need, we can design and develop the pallets completely from scratch. Once the details are finalized, we require pallet prototypes to be built and approved by the customer before we begin the manufacturing process.


Step Two: Manufacturing

All of our pallets are manufactured here in Cincinnati. Customizations for pallets can include heat treating for international shipments. We manufacture all of our pallets with high quality recycled wood components to prevent them from going into landfills.


Step 3: Shipping

Once the pallets are manufactured, we ship them to your warehouse for you to pack and then ship to your customers. We offer several pallet manufacturing programs, including automatic shipments, so you never have to worry about running out.

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If you’re interested in learning more about our pallet manufacturing process, contact us today for a custom quote.