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Pallet Recycling

No matter how much you try to salvage your pallets and repair them again and again, there comes a time when they are beyond use. If you need help figuring out what to do with your broken pallets or skids, come to Irvine Wood Recovery. Our Cincinnati-based business offers disposal and recycling for pallets and skids of all sizes.

How does pallet disposal work?

If you need pallets removed from your facility, Irvine Wood Recovery can coordinate removal based on the volume of pallets and your business’ schedule. Whether you need a one-time removal or weekly disposal, our courteous and professional team will make it happen. If you can provide a forklift and an operator, Irvine Wood Recovery will take care of the rest.

What happens after the pallets are removed?

Once we successfully remove the pallets from your facility or jobsite, we take them back to our Cincinnati location and dismantle each pallet. We source the usable pallet components to build recycled pallets for our customers. The component lumber we deem unusable we grind to make playground turf or sell as biomass fuel. Almost all wood products that come through our gates are recycled and repurposed into something else.

Our goal is to keep as much wood out of landfills as possible. As one of the earth’s most valuable resources, we believe in reusing and recycling wood as much as possible in order to help create a healthier world.

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If you’re interested in learning more about our pallet disposal and recycling services, contact us today to get a custom quote.