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Your Local Wood Pallet Suppliers

At Irvine Wood Recovery, we are wood pallet suppliers for businesses in Cincinnati and throughout the region. From pallet manufacturing to environmentally friendly disposal and recycling, we help businesses make good use of their wood resources. We can help yours, too!

Our business is deeply rooted in the practice of recycling wood, one of our planet’s most valuable natural resources. We can manufacture high-quality custom wooden pallets or repair pallets to prevent them from going into landfills. In addition, we can recycle and broken or unusable pallets and grind them down into mulch or other products.

Pallet Services

Pallet Manufacturing

We can design and build pallets to your custom specifications with recycled or new wood components at our manufacturing facility in Cincinnati.

Pallet Repair

Pallet repair offers significant savings over the standard purchasing process. We will repair your broken pallets to help you save money.

Pallet Recycling

Irvine Wood Recovery will take broken pallets and skids off your hands and recycle them for you.

Pallet Delivery

With our large semitruck and trailer fleet, our Class-A licensed drivers can easily provide full truckload deliveries, as well as switching out your scrap pallet trailer.

Pallet Management

We can offer a program customized for your business including closed loop programs, inventory management, and replenishment programs. Pallet recovery and purchasing programs to save you time and money.

Heat-Treated Pallets

Irvine Wood Recovery is accredited by the American Lumber Standard Committee to build and heat-treat your pallets to ready them for international shipment.

Why Choose Irvine Wood Recovery?

Quality Products

Quality Products

Irvine Wood Recovery offers multiple pallet product and service options, which can be offered independently or in combinations. We can manufacture a wood pallet to specification, or simply provide a quality repaired standard sized pallet. Whatever your needs, our attention to quality and detail gives our customers the competitive edge!

Quality Suppliers

Quality Suppliers

The foundation of Irvine Wood Recovery’s process is an efficient recovery network in Cincinnati. We are always looking for quality suppliers of used or unwanted pallets. Our customized removal plans can prevent unwanted pallets from going into a landfill, which saves space and removes safety concerns.

Looking for a pallet supplier near you?

You’ve found it! To learn more about our custom wood pallets and pallet services, contact us for more information and to get a quote.