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Cincinnati Pallet
& Packaging

Irvine Wood Recovery provides pallet and packaging services, including manufacturing, repair, disposal, and inventory management, to the Greater Cincinnati area.


Pallet Services

Pallet Manufacturing

We can design and build pallets to your custom specifications with recycled or new wood components at our manufacturing facility in Cincinnati.

Pallet Delivery

With our large semitruck and trailer fleet, our Class-A licensed drivers can easily provide full truckload deliveries, as well as switching out your scrap pallet trailer.

Pallet Recycling

Irvine Wood Recovery will take broken pallets and skids off your hands and recycle them for you.

Pallet Repair

Pallet repair offers significant savings over the standard purchasing process. We will repair your broken pallets to help you save money.

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Custom Packaging Services

Custom-Fit Corrugated
Boxes/Pallet Assemblies

Manufactured off-site then put together by Irvine experts, our corrugated boxes are custom-built, pre-assembled, and delivered to you ready to ship.

Product Packaging

As an ITW Reddi-Pac distributor, we custom-manufacture packaging by attaching our heat-treated lumber to ITW Reddi-Pac’s trademarked U-Board™ product.

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Biomass Fuel

Biomass Fuel

Biomass power is carbon-neutral electricity generated from renewable organic waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill, burned or left as fuel for forest fires.

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The Irvine Advantage

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

We provide customized packet programs and solutions for local Cincinnati businesses.



Irvine Wood Recovery can simplify your logistics and create custom programs to keep your shipping cost as efficient as possible. Our quality control programs are in place to ensure your pallet quality meets our standards as well as your expectations.



Our pallet and packaging products are made primarily from recycled materials to optimize the use of our natural resources.

Need Pallet or Packaging Services?

Contact Irvine Wood Recovery to learn more about how we can help you with all your pallet and packaging needs.