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Your Local Wood Waste Disposal Experts

If you have wood waste or scrap wood at your job site in the Cincinnati area, Irvine Wood Recovery has the solution. As a regional leader in the wood recovery field, we offer reliable, convenient wood waste disposal services that are cost-effective, customizable, and environmentally friendly. From residential projects to commercial clean-ups, we can do it all.

Irvine Wood Waste Services

Irvine Wood Recovery offers a variety of wood waste removal services to efficiently help you keep your job site waste-free. Our services include:

Wood Grinding

Irvine Wood Recovery offers on-site or off-site wood grinding to businesses, municipalities, or residents. Using high-powered wood grinding equipment we recycle wood waste, relieving unnecessary landfill bloat. Available for tree debris, broken pallets, or any other wood byproduct.

Open Top Containers

Irvine will bring a 50 cubic yard roll-off container to your job site for periodic wood waste removal. This option is available for customers who generate large quantities of wood waste. Based on the amount, there may be no charge for this service.

Why choose Irvine for your wood waste solutions?

Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

Recycling and reusing your wood waste helps reduce landfill use and help preserve our natural resources. Irvine Wood Recovery’s wood waste solutions reuses your scrap wood and turns it onto other natural products such as mulch and playground turf.

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

We will customize a cost-effective wood recovery plan to fit your individual wood waste removal needs. From residential to commercial projects, we have a solution for you.

Looking for wood waste removal near you?

If you’re interested in learning more about our wood waste solutions, contact us today to get a custom quote.