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Firewood in Cincinnati

At Irvine Wood Recovery, we’re passionate about making use of all of the wood products that come through our gates. Our firewood comes from land clearing projects around Cincinnati that result in a variety of log sizes perfect for a small fire pit or a large bonfire.

Why choose Irvine Wood Recovery?

From fire pits on crisp autumn evenings to summer bonfires to winter in front of the fireplace, there always seems to be a reason to keep a few cords of wood on hand. At Irvine Wood Recovery, we’re a locally-owned business that prides itself on:

Competitive Prices

Wood is our only business. That means we get a lot of it, every day. Because we have such a surplus, we’re able to pass major savings onto you.

Unmatched Quality

We only use the best wood for our wood products, and that means quality firewood. We give it plenty of time to air-dry so its seasoned and ready to use as soon as you pick it up.


Our recycled firewood comes from land clearing projects. None of the wood that comes through our gates is thrown away!

Looking for firewood near you?

Contact Irvine Wood Recovery to learn more about our firewood for sale.