Pallet Manufacturing

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pallet manufacturingWhether you are in the market for standard-size or customized product, Irvine Wood Recovery will expertly manufacture to meet your specific pallet requirements.

Specialty-Size, Custom-Fit Pallets
Our primary focus is on building specialty-size pallets designed to fit our customers’ unique product footprints. Remanufacturing pallets from recycled lumber, we are able to create product of uncompromising quality and our customers benefit from the cost efficiencies of a recycled product versus new.
Standard-Size Pallets Refurbished
In addition to customized pallets, we purchase and repair damaged standard-size pallets that might otherwise have been discarded, reconditioning them for reuse in the marketplace.
Heat Treatment Process is ISPM 15-Compliantpallet manufacturing 1
Irvine Wood Recovery’s Pallet & Packaging Division is certified by the American Lumber Standard Committee to perform ISPM 15-compliant heat treatment on all foreign-bound wooden pallets. After treatment inside our computerized state-of-the-art heat chamber, the finished pallets are stamped with an indicia certifying they meet rigid international shipping standards.


Committed to Zero Waste

Irvine Wood Recovery is a business founded on the principles of providing stellar service to our customers and corporate responsibility to the environment. Since 1999, our Pallet & mulch_pilesPackaging Division has built on that legacy, growing a green business committed to zero waste and zero landfill.

Literally 100 percent of our product is reused or recycled. Nails and other metals are separated and recycled. Wood stock that we cannot refurbish, we grind and ship to our corporate facility, where it is repurposed—turned into varying grades of mulch for use in landscaping and as Playground Turf®.