Playground Mulch of Cincinnati

Playground Turf Safety Surfacing
Playground Turf® in Cincinnati is a superior quality, engineered wood-fiber used for playgrounds, trails, walkways, parking areas and anywhere that active people, especially children, are apt to fall. It provides better fall protection than gravel, sand or rubber matting, and is more cost efficient than other safety-surface products in the market.

National Network
Irvine Wood Recovery has been the leading safety surface supplier in Cincinnati since 1994. Our national network of suppliers are carefully selected and screened,
providing you with the best quality safety surface material—Playground Turf. Independently tested and certified, suppliers are required to meet or exceed the latest standards.

Competitive Prices
Cincinnati playground wood mulch is cost efficient. The manufacturing and production process takes place only at Irvine-affiliated facilities, so we can pass along the savings to customers. In addition, maintaining Playground Turf only requires 2-3 inches of additional coverage every one to three years. That means long-term cost efficiency and easy upkeep.