See How Our Playground Turf Compares

Playground Turf Cincinnati 1Improve the safety surface of your playground by turning to Irvine Wood Recovery for details about our exceptional Playground Turf. We specialize in proprietary Playground Turf, a certified safety surface that is imperative to playground security. We have your playground covered, so contact us today to find out how you can order your playground wood chips.

What Is Playground Turf?
Playground Turf is a superior quality, engineered wood mulch fiber material used on playgrounds, trails, walkways, parking areas, and anywhere that active people, especially children, are apt to fall. Our wood chips provide better fall protection than gravel, sand, or rubber matting, and are more cost-efficient than other playground safety surface products on the market.

Playground Turf from Irvine Wood Recovery is cost-efficient for your financial convenience. The manufacturing and production process takes place only at Irvine-affiliated companies, so we can pass along the savings to customers. In addition, maintaining Playground Turf only requires 2 to 3 inches of additional coverage every 1 to 3 years. That means long-term cost efficiency and easy upkeep!

Irvine Wood Recovery is meeting the national market’s growing demand for Playground Turf products. Our national network of suppliers manufacture turf products to the latest standards set by IPEMA, ASTMN, ADA, and CPSC. Additionally, all our playground wood mulch products are third-party tested and certified for safety.

Playground Turf Cincinnati 2

Playground Turf Cincinnati 3We continue to manufacture Playground Turf at a lower price than our competition and maintain higher quality assurance standards. Customers don’t have to pay the high prices other companies charge because all production takes place at Irvine-affiliated facilities. Large trailers can transport up to 100 yards of playground mulch at a time to your job site or location. Playground Turf is now available in bags as well.

Ensure the protection of children while they play by calling us at (513) 831-0060 to order Playground Turf for your facility.