Pallet Repair Cincinnati

At Irvine Wood Recovery, pallet reclamation is serious business!  Our Cincinnati-based business is deeply routed in the practice of recycling one of our planet’s most valuable natural resources — wood. Expanding on this philosophy, Irvine Wood Recovery focuses on wooden pallet re-manufacturing and repair.

But, there is more to producing a quality recycled product than goodwill.

Quality Suppliers
The foundation of Irvine Wood Recovery’s process is an efficient recovery network in Cincinnati.  We are always looking for quality suppliers of used or unwanted pallets.

For many Cincinnati companies, storage of unwanted pallets consumes valuable space and presents safety concerns.  Irvine Wood Recovery can develop a customized removal plan.  After all, preventing those unwanted pallets from reaching a landfill is responsible!

Quality Products
Irvine Wood Recovery offers multiple pallet product and service options, which can be offered independently or in combinations.

Allow us to manufacture a wood pallet to specification, or simply provide a quality repaired standard sized pallet.  Whatever your needs, our attention to quality and detail gives our customers the competitive edge!

If you are in Cincinnati, remember Irvine Wood Recovery for your wooden pallet needs.