Pallet Repair CincinnatiIf you are in or around Cincinnati, have Irvine Wood Recovery repair your pallets instead of throwing them away. Irvine Wood Recovery’s pallet repair is a “turn key” service in which a certain pallet size(s) is recovered from your facility or an off-site location. The pallets are brought back to our Cincinnati-based facility, repaired, and then returned to you or another agreed upon destination.

This program typically offers significant savings over the standard purchasing process. In fact, pallet repairing in general is an easy cost savings measure since you are recirculating what you’ve already invested in.

Standard Repaired Pallets
At Irvine Wood Recovery, we recognize that not all customers have complicated needs. Maybe a standard 48 x 40 repaired pallet is all that is required. Allow us to provide a quality repaired pallet to get your shipments on the way quickly. We have the “grade level” to suit your shipping needs, from the value priced grade to higher quality grade.

Let Irvine Wood Recovery’s Cincinnati pallet repair help you get the most out of your investment. Call today for a free on-site consultation and pallet repair quote, 513-831-0060.