We Strive to Do More

Pallet Repair Cincinnati

At Irvine Wood Recovery, our product is more than wood, cardboard, staples and nails. We are a team of manufacturing professionals dedicated to providing peerless service to our customers.

We have built our reputation on meeting and exceeding expectations, on open channels of communication and flexibility.

We take pride in going beyond what is needed to offer value-added services, such as building recycling

partnerships with our customers. When Irvine Wood Recovery is on site
delivering product, we can pick up customers’ expended shipping materials for responsible recycling, including:

  • Unusable scrap pallets
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Plastic stretch wrap and sheeting

We can also help customers manage their pallet inventory. By tracking the ebb and flow of our customers’ pallet orders, we can alert them when data indicates they are low on pallet stock, to ensure they have what they need from us to ship their product out on time. You can count on Irvine Wood Recovery’s quality and craftsmanship for a superior product and our dedicated team for always-reliable, responsive service.

Call us today for a complete analysis of your company’s pallet, packaging and related recycling needs!