Pine Needles Cincinnati

Looking for a low cost, less laborious way to dress up your landscaping? Irvine Wood Recovery now offers pine straw.

What is pine straw, you wonder? Cincinnati pine straw, sometimes called pine needle straw, is made from pine needles and is typically used as an ideal covering for flower beds or as ground cover.

Pine straw mulch has many benefits:

  • Pine needles Cincinnati lock together, creating a loose fiber that protects the soil while also allowing it to breathe.
  • Because the pine needles group together, they are less likely to wash away, and are slow to break down.
  • Pine straw is lightweight and easy to spread.
  • Cincinnati pine straw offers your landscaping a beautifully finished look at a lower cost.

Our pine straw bales:

  • Are 13″ x 15″ long x 28-30″ long.
  • Weigh approximately 25 pounds.
  • Contain 4 cubic feet of American’s all-natural ground cover.

You may expect 45 square feet of coverage from a bale that is spread 2.5″ deep upon initial application. Upon additional applications, a bale will cover approximately 80 square feet.   Contact Us Today for a quote!

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