c_boxassemblyIrvine Wood Recovery’s comprehensive packaging services match custom-fit corrugated boxes or ITW Reddi-Pac product protection material to our wooden product for a complete, one-stop shipping materials solution.
Custom-fit corrugated boxes are manufactured off site, then put together by Irvine Wood Recovery personnel. We affix them to our pallet product, then deliver the pre-assembled boxes/pallets to our customers, ready for them
to pack and ship.
For specialty product applications, Irvine Wood Recovery is an ITW Reddi-Pac distributor. d_reddicrateWe custom-manufacture packaging for the automotive and other industries by attaching our heat-treated lumber to ITW Reddi-Pac’s trademarked U-Board™ product. This non-abrasive laminated paperboard is composed of 100 percent recycled and recyclable materials, providing a durable, low-cost solution to product protection.
By performing both the specialty-size pallet construction and customized packaging preparation, Irvine Wood Recovery’s Pallet & Packaging saves our customers time and floor space, allowing them to concentrate on their core business



We’re Ready to Serve

Irvine Wood Recovery has invested in a growing fleet of tractors and trailers to deliver customers’ orders on time, as promised, playing a vital role in the efficiency of their shipping operations.
We proudly serve companies located in the surrounding 100-mile Tristate area.