What is a Green Business?Green Business Cincinnati, Green Business Company Cincinnati, Green Businesses Cincinnati
It’s cool to be green these days. But, what does it mean for a business to be green? In a nutshell, green businesses consider the following principles:

  • Are we improving the quality of life for our customers, employees and community?
  • Are we preserving the environment we’ve been given?

Our Process
In Cincinnati, Irvine Wood Recovery was green before green was cool.  We’ve been saving wood from landfills since 1994. Virtually everything that is brought through our gates is recycled and resold. Here is how our process works:

We systematically identify the customer’s needs. Then, we customize a plan using any one of several resources to most efficiently address those needs while maximizing saving and optimizing the best use of the bi-products.

Striving to reduce, reuse and recycle natural wood resources, Irvine Wood Recovery remains a committed Cincinnati-owned green business. Join us in becoming one of Cincinnati’s green businesses today.

Call us to see how we can help you save money by maximizing your wood waste stream, 513-831-0060.