In 1994, Irvine Wood Recovery discovered that most wood scrap material, including pallets, end cuts from truss plants, and wooden cut-off material was going into open top containers and disposed of in landfills.  In an effort to curb this practice, we created an on-site grinding operation that allowed us to grind twice as much material in half the space for half the cost.  The idea grew into a business that generates hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of wood scrap each year.  Virtually 100% of that material has been saved from the landfills and is being recycled.

Using the wood scrap material, we developed a regrinding and coloring process, which enabled us to manufacture color-enhanced mulches, playground safety surfacing, and boiler fuel for resale.

Using our expertise to recover scrap wood, we then created a brokerage division to help companies like us throughout the country do the same thing.  We pay them to manufacture their wood waste to our specification, and then we sell the material in their market area.  Irvine Wood Recovery now is one of the largest manufactures of playground safety surfacing in the country.

In 1999 we started a pallet recovery and remanufacturing division, which enabled us to use our wood sources in their highest and best use.  We are now one of the largest pallet recyclers in the Midwest.

At Irvine Wood Recovery, we have a rich history of creative thinking, customer satisfaction, can-do attitude and working with a purpose — plus, we have fun doing it.

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